2007年3月31日 星期六

Cheese Bread

I learn how to make this cheese bread from my friend - Stephine. I changed the recipe a little bit. That was so so so yummy, my husband said. I think this is good snack food, Appetizers, or pot luck food. This is very easy to make and scrumptious.

1/4 Cup Butter
1 foot long French bread
3 Tb Garlic Salt (Club House)
1/2 C Parmesan cheese
1 Tsp Parmesan & Herbs Seasonings (Club House)
1/4 C Sherred Kraft Four Cheese

1. Heat up the butter in the microwave
2. Cut the French bread into little pieces
3. Brush the butter on the bread
4. Put Garlic salt over the butter (on the bread of cause)
5. Put Parmesan cheese over the bread
6. Add Parmesan & Herbs Seasonings over the bread
7. Add on another later of sherred Kraft Four Cheese
8. Bake at 300F for 3-5
minutes until the bread turn golden brown

2007年3月29日 星期四

Spinach Dip

1 pkg. frozen chopped spinach, thawed, drained
4 oz. Traditional Crumbled Feta Cheese
1 cup Sour Cream
1/2 cup Mayonnaise
1/4 cup sliced pitted ripe olives

MIX all ingredients until well blended; cover.
Refrigerate several hours or until chilled.
SERVE with assorted cut-up vegetables , chips or pita bread wedges.

MaPo Tofu

Chinese Mapo Tofu Recipe
Serving Size : 6-8
Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- --
2 TB
Oil -- for sauteing
1 TB
Black Bean Garlic Sauce- (see notes)
2 TB
Red Chili Paste with Garlic
2 TB
Plum Sauce
1 lb
Ground pork
1 C
1 pack Fresh tofu (any firmness)- cut into cubes
1/2 c Chopped green onions
4 Chopped Garlic
2 TB Corn Startch mix with 1/2 cup water
1 TB Soy Sauce

Procedure: In a wok or deep skillet, place oil, till the oil is hot, place Garlic and stir for a minutes. Put the ground pork, until the ground pork is cooked. Add a cup of rice wine, Black Bean Sauce, Soy Sause, Red Chili Sauce with Garlic and Plum Sauce. Turn heat on high; gradually combine the sauces and meat as the heat increases. When meat is browned and cooked through, turn heat to medium and add cubed tofu. Mix gently and continue to simmer for 5-8 minutes, stirring occasionally, until well blended and tofu is heated through. Add Corn Startch mix with 1/2 cup water, and stir a little bit until is boil again add green onion and toss.
A famous Szechuan recipe - the name Ma Po Tofu is roughly translated as "pockmarked grandmother beancurd," named for the old woman who supposedly Mapo Tofu (Chinese: 麻婆豆腐; pinyin: Mápó dòufu) is a popular Chinese dish from the Szechuan (Sichuan) province. It is a combination of tofu (bean curd) and minced meat, usually pork, in a spicy bean-based sauce, sometimes with other ingredients such as water chestnuts, onions or wood ear fungus. The name means "Pocked-Face Lady's Tofu," and is said to come from a (possibly fictional) food vendor by the name of Ma, who made and sold the dish. Another possible explanation stems from an alternate definition of 麻, meaning "numb": the Szechuan peppercorns used in the dish can slightly numb the diner's mouth.
True Mapo doufu is powerfully spicy with both conventional "heat" spiciness and the characteristic "ma-la" spiciness of Szechuan cuisine. The authentic form of the dish is increasingly easier to find outside China today, but usually in Szechuanese restaurants that do not adapt the dish for non-Szechuanese tastes.
Often the dish is adulterated, with its spiciness severely toned down to widen its appeal. This happens even in Chinese restaurants, commonly those not specialising in Szechuan cuisine.

Story of the Mapo Tofu.
Legend of the Pock-Marked Old Lady
Legend says that the pock-marked old woman (Má Pó) was a leprous widow who lived in the Chinese city of Chengdu. Due to her condition, her home was placed on the outskirts of the city. By coincidence, it was near a road where goods carriers often passed. Although the rich merchants could afford to stay within the numerous inns of the prosperous city while waiting for their goods to sell, poor farmers would stay in cheaper inns scattered along the sides of roads on the outskirts of the ancient city.
It is said that the first people who tasted the old woman's cooking were a farmer and his son who arrived late to the city during a terrible rainstorm. They were forced to find shelter in the old woman's home having found that all of the inns were full.
Eager for the company, the old woman from her paltry larder prepared them a meal, including the dish now know as Mapo Doufu. The dish was so delicious that soon each time the father and son passed the old woman's home they would stay for a meal. In this way, the old woman's renown spread as other goods carriers joined the father and son in visiting and staying at her home. These visitors would often bring the ingredients for her dish so as not to burden her larder.
As time passed, the dish evolved. However, the core ingredients have always been: an ounce of ground pork, a few ounces of tofu, and an ample amount of ground Sichuan pepper.

2007年3月5日 星期一

Claire's Seafood Pasta

Makes 4 to 5 servings.

1-2 lbs. Mussells
20 Shrimps (or as much as you want)
1 or 2 Can crab meat
5 Cloves crushed garlic
1/2cup Rice Wine (or Wine Wine)
4 Tsp. Parsley (or lots, I love parsley yum yum)
1/4 cup Olive oil
435ml "Classico" Alfredo & Sun-dried Tomato
350g Angel Hair pasta

Step 1. Boil water and add the pasta into the pot for 3 minutes. Remove pasta from pot & rinse with cold water.
Step 2.Wash the mussels thoroughly, discarding any broken shell or dead mussels. Heat up the olive oil. Add crushed garlic. Place mussels in a large pot. Add wine and parsley. Steam for approximately 3 minutes or until shells open. Add the "Classico" Alfredo & Sun-dried Tomato Sauce until boil.
Step3: Mix pasta with sauce and cook for 3 Minutes

韓國水梨辣泡菜 (食譜作法)

雖然沒吃過正宗的 韓國水梨辣泡菜
令外還做了一些 健康好吃的 涼拌腐竹小黃瓜

(材料A)水梨 1個
(材料B)芹菜 3根
紅蘿蔔絲 適量
(材料C)鹽 1大匙
(材料D)糖 1又1/2大匙
白醋 2大匙
辣椒醬 1大匙 ;
韓國辣椒粉 1大匙
水 1/2杯

Claire 的牛肉丸作法 Meatball recipe (食譜作法)

以前去外國朋友家吃過 酸甜牛肉丸
很好吃 後來就沒吃過了

還好老公 吃一口就很肯定的說 好好吃

Claire 的牛肉丸作法
牛絞肉 2 ib
土司 四片
鹽 或蒜味的鹽 半匙

把土司用水泡軟 擠出水 也把土司弄碎

用湯匙做出 肉丸 我作的比較小 約1"x1" 擺好後
用350度 烤肉丸 烤到肉丸 成深黃色為止 約十分至十五分
P.S. 我除了會用這個牛肉丸跟咖哩一起煮之外 我會把它放到跟越南河粉湯 或 酸甜鳳梨牛肉丸 或 西方人超愛的烤肉醬一煮

Meatball recipe

1 lb lean ground beef
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1/2 medium onion
salt or garlic salt

1.Mix well.
2. Make into 1x1" Balls
3. Turn the oven to 350F
4. Bake for 10-15 minutes till the color turns golden

PS. I use those meat ball to cook with curry, Vietnamese soup, sweet and sour (with pineapple in it) or cook with BBQ sauce.

黑糖糕 (食譜作法)



中筋麵粉300g、在來米粉150g、黑糖300g、發粉20g、水 300c、白芝麻少許

Madeleines 馬德蕾妮 (食譜作法)

奶油 225 公克
細砂糖 180 公克
蛋3 個
檸檬汁 2顆
檸檬皮 1顆
低筋麵粉 150 公克
杏仁精 1茶匙

2.蛋打散後加入 1.攪拌
3.攪拌機 攪拌檸檬汁和檸檬皮
4. 2和3. 拌勻
5. 加入低筋麵粉 和杏仁精 再拌勻
6. 倒入貝殼模型內。
以上火180°C (350°F),

素雞 (食譜作法)

調味料:水4杯、醬油1杯、紅糖3大匙、冰糖1大匙 鹽4小匙、麻油2大匙
• 水中加入蘇打粉,再將腐竹放入浸泡至軟。
• 瀝乾腐竹。
• 將所有調味料混和加熱煮滾,再將腐竹放入。
• 再次煮滾後,轉為小火,煮十分鐘,熄火悶二十分鐘。
• 準備好紗布,將腐竹放在中央包起來,再以棉線用力綑綁,綁的越緊素雞就越紮實。
• 再以大火蒸十分鐘後熄火悶二十分鐘。

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